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A good choice if you want an alternative to black, and a must-have for your post-baby wardrobe!  It is lined in a beautiful spot pattern for a sweet pop of style.

The Baby Pouch is the simplest way to wear your baby! Made in New Zealand from breathable and organic fabrics, it makes life with a newborn that much simpler, and stylish! Slip on the singlet, and pop baby in…easy! The Baby Pouch is simple babywearing.

The Baby Pouch is perfect for all seasons, as a singlet, it is cool in the summertime, and is perfect for layering with a beautiful cardigan or coat during winter! Dress up with your favourite jeans, a skirt or hang around home in your active wear!

With its discreet breastfeeding flap, you can breastfeed anywhere with ease. Nip into the store, or head out for a coffee with friends. Whatever you’re doing The Baby Pouch makes it easy to meet your babies needs while also meeting your own.

The baby pouch is a baby wearing top and breastfeeding top in one however you do not have to be a breastfeeding Mother to get the amazing benefit of using this for baby wearing. – it will become your most cherished item of clothing!

We recommend you size up from your pre pregnancy size.


Is the baby pouch™ really as simple as it says?

The Baby Pouch is as simple as 1, 2, 3!

1. Pop the top on

2. Slip baby in

3. Pull the hood up

There honestly is no clipping or tying, it is the easiest way to wear your baby.

Is this a baby carrier?

the baby pouch™ is a babywearing top.  You wear it just like any other top – it’s secure carry pouch means you can slip your baby in and out as needed.  While your baby will feel snug and secure in the top we recommend one hand is kept on baby at all times.

How do I put baby into the pouch?

Place baby into pouch in an upright position making sure they are facing you -heart to heart. Adjust their legs into a froggy style position, with bottom slightly lower than knees.  Baby’s face should be visible and head kissable.  Check out our ‘safe babywearing’ page for safety information.

Will my baby be safe in the top?

Your baby’s safety in our top is paramount; as such we have had the baby pouch™ strength tested in New Zealand to ensure it is strong enough to carry an infant beyond the 7kgs we recommend as a limit.   We have also added an extra-stretchy breathable layer of fabric over the pouch, for added security.  We have designed the baby pouch™ using the T.I.C.K.S rule for baby wearing and it is very safe and easy to use so long as you follow these easy baby wearing rules over on our ‘safe babywearing’ page.

What is the maximum weight baby can be in pouch?

the baby pouch™ has been safety checked in New Zealand to ensure it is strong enough to support a baby aged from 0-3 months or up to 7kg. While it could easily carry the weight of a baby up to 10kgs this isn’t recommended, as the heavier the baby is the lower they will sit in the pouch.

What is the top made out of?

the baby pouch™ is made out of 90% Organic cotton 10% elastane, with a cotton/elastane lining.  We have chosen this composition due to the breathable and stretchy nature of the fabric, which is comfortable for both mum and baby.

Can I use the baby pouch™ with my premature baby?

We believe the benefits of baby wearing are especially important for premature babies.  However, we do suggest you check with your doctor first.

Where is the baby pouch™ made?

the baby pouch™ is proudly designed and manufactured in New Zealand.  While it would be cheaper for us to send production overseas, we strongly believe in in the benefits of NZ-made which include lowering our environmental impact and paying a fair price for a quality product.

What size should I order?

We recommend you order a size up from your pre-pregnancy size – there is normally a bit more of you to love right after birth.

The top feels tight, have I got the right size?

the baby pouch™ top should be fitted and the pouch should be firm around baby.  This ensures the safety and comfort of your baby in the pouch.  So long as the top feels comfortable once on, you have the right size.

The International Hip Dysplasia Institute (IHDI) acknowledges the baby pouch as a “hip-healthy” product when used as directed.


One hashtag: #babywearing

I could just leave it there and say, ‘You’re welcome’ but there’s more to the world of baby wearing than an earth toned Instagrammable ‘it’ wrap.

There are slings, ring slings, stretchy wraps, woven wraps, carriers…you’ve already googled it, you’ve probably got a few tabs open on product pages, a few reviews…and yes, there’s an over abundance of Pinterest posts.  Cute mamma’s, cute babies, all blissfully wrapped and knotted over cute outfits and beautifully lit and casually ‘candidly’ posed.  Now lets get real: I have a wrap, I watched the YouTube tutes, I practiced.  I got so frustrated and failed epically – not drop the baby epic, I mean I couldn’t even get the baby in by myself epic and if I DID get the baby in I knew I hadn’t done it right kind of epic.

When you’re a fresh out of the box mum, you really do want a fast fix.  The tricky stuff that comes with the first days, weeks and months of a newborn (or like me, two of them) really doesn’t leave you with the energy or patience to try wrangling a strip of fabric around a body you don’t yet know how to navigate in order to free up your hands or help you be more uncomplicatedly mobile.

Thanks to Cara from @thebabypouch the singlet has been an integral part of my newborn journey with the twins, helping me get out of the house with confidence, settling grizzly bubbies at home or enabling me to cuddle both at the same time with ease – and all with a free hand.

Mamma’s – do not underestimate the advantage of a free hand!  You can sip the drink, eat the snack, scratch the itch, play with the phone, take the weight of your tired arms, hold the toddlers hand, push the pram, look at clothes on the rack, walk on the beach and hold your partner’s hand.

It’s a simple concept – put the top on, slide the baby in, live your life.  You can feed with the top on, it’s actually quite flattering (its like Spanx for your spongy bits) and doesn’t have to be awkwardly coordinated into your wardrobe – it’s a singlet, with benefits.

If you’re a new mamma or about to be – I’d recommend getting one, easy…




I was lucky enough to trial the Baby Pouch when my baby was just 5 weeks old and it made baby carrying so much simpler! It was so easy to pop him in and out and he was obviously comfortable because he would fall asleep as soon as he was tucked in! The fabric is of a really high quality and is nice and thick to support the baby’s weight. It has enough stretch to keep baby comfortable and allows the ‘froggy leg’ positioning that is important when wearing your baby. I loved that the Baby Pouch didn’t pull on my back and shoulders. I would regularly walk for over an hour with Miles in the pouch and didn’t experience any pain. The simplicity of this top is perfect for the first few months with your baby because there’s nothing to ‘learn’ – you get dressed in the morning and pop your baby in whenever you need. It’s was great for me with 2 older preschoolers as I’m often running late and didn’t have to fluff about with getting the pushchair or carrier out of the car for short errands and drop offs.

The top makes breastfeeding easy, and is discreet for when you’re out and about. It’s also nice to just wear around home to be close to your baby and have that important bonding time. I love that it’s a singlet, even in these colder months. Baby wearing of any kind can get sweaty so it’s great to layer over the top and keep you both at the perfect temperature.

At 12 weeks, Miles was still comfortably fitting into the Baby Pouch, he’s just too tall to use the head support so I use my hand when I need to. It’s been such a convenient baby-wearing option and I was sad to see it go!



This top totally changed the way I went about my day with my little one. Wearing it meant no lugging around my massive pram, nor time consuming or cumbersome tying of wraps or baby carriers which I couldn’t breastfeed in. The baby pouch meant my little guy felt snug and secure wherever we went in the day and could easily feed or sleep if he needed to. Plus – baby cuddles all day! Nothing better.



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